About My Practice

I hope you find the information on my site to be informative and helpful.  Finding a therapist that you connect with is an important process. Included is my relevant experience, training, and education to help you to determine if I may be the right psychologist to help you on your journey. It is my hope that I can help you on your road to wellness, balance, peace, and full recovery. 

I am a seasoned clinical psychologist who has been working in the mental health field for 15 years. My approach is collaborative, relational, and my work is well informed by research and experience. I believe in true human potential and that each individual has it within to grow and progress.

I really enjoy my clients and the work I do every day. I find it an honor to be able to connect with each person in order empower them to overcome any obstacle that comes along. I view my learning and growth as ongoing. I attempt to stay abreast of the latest research and technology so I can provide the very best care. I continue my advanced training and learning by attending yearly conferences, training's, and consultation groups. 

I started Vantage Point in 2013 and we have an experienced, talented, and caring team of therapists and psychologists with different areas of expertise. We value diversity and I welcome you to take a look at all of our complete services.  

For more information about our team and services please go to www.vppsychotherapy.com

Best Wishes,

Dr. Katie Polsky, Director

Vantage Point Center for Psychotherapy